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Basic provision:

WorldSexyGirls.com signpost is not an escort agency, but an advertising platform dedicated to both agencies and independent models. The website service aims to provide advertisers with an opportunity to post escort, erotic matchmaking ads, ratings and reviews. The service allows registered members to link advertiser profiles with visitor profiles and establish contact with them.

By accessing the Site, using the Site in any way, including but not limited to visiting or browsing the Site or submitting content or other materials to the Site, you agree to be bound by these Terms:

You are at least 18 years of age (or the legal age of majority in the jurisdiction in which you currently reside), have the legal right to own and/or read adult material in your community, and will not allow any minor to view any material we publish on our site. You agree and acknowledge that your use of this Website is in full compliance with the laws of the jurisdiction(s) to which you are subject and that you are not prohibited from using this Website by reason of any restriction, including any age restriction.

The service provider reserves all rights regarding the content listed on the website, parts of the website and their dissemination. Without the prior written consent of the service provider, it is strictly prohibited to download, copy, store, extract and paste, sell, license, rent, modify, distribute or create derivative works from the materials, code or content of this site.

You agree and understand that the Website is an adult advertising platform that may contain sexually explicit photographs, video, audio, language, and other materials. All advertisements presented on this website are for informational purposes only.

You accept full responsibility for your use of the Advertising Platform on any device, whether you own it. You release WorldSexyGirls, its owner and its moderators from all liability that may arise from your use of this site. All advertisements presented on this website are for informational purposes only. Our advertising platform disassociates itself from any agreements between the user and the advertiser and bears no responsibility arising from their mutual agreements.

The service provider is not responsible for damages caused by users who forget their passwords or make their account accessible to unauthorized persons for reasons that cannot be attributed to the service provider.

By entering the website, I declare that I have reached the age of 18 (21 in other countries) by clicking on the link to enter the website and I am aware of the fact that visiting the website and viewing erotic content is not prohibited by national legislation in the country of residence or place of residence and it does not conflict with any binding regulations. The user is not authorized to use the website for any purposes that may be considered illegitimate, unfair, or damaging to the website or third parties.

The operator of the signpost reserves the right to use the information and photos that the user has uploaded to his/her profile as a public presentation on other platforms managed by the operator, in order to increase traffic to the profiles. This includes, for example, the signpost's accounts on Twitter or Telegram, etc...

Purchased credits can only be used to pay for additional services on this site and cannot be refunded. Registration and basic advertising is free.

The www.worldsexygirls.com website uses Google's reCAPTCHA v3 service to protect against spam and abuse. For this purpose, data about the device used and the use of the website is collected and sent to Google and analyzed there. The information collected when using the service will be used to improve the service and for security purposes. This information will not be used for the purposes of personalized advertising by Google. Your use of the Service is subject to Google's terms and conditions, which can be found on Google's website: Privacy Policy, Terms of Service.


The moment you enter or register on our website, even if you are not a registered user, you agree to the content set out in these terms. Only adults can browse and register on the site.

Registration distinguishes between advertising users (escorts, gays, trans, agency) further as advertisers and members (typically men) further as members.

By registering or contacting us, you agree to share your personal information.

You remain responsible for all actions and security related to your account.

The service provider excludes its responsibility in the event that the user uses the services of the website on behalf of another person or with the data of another person.

The service provider is not responsible for damages caused by users who forget their passwords or make their account accessible to unauthorized persons for reasons beyond the provider's control.

We may contact you by e-mail or other means of communication and you expressly consent to this. We store and use all information strictly according to the privacy policy.

The registration is not contractually bound, and the registered person can deactivate and reactivate it at any time in his/her profile. They can also delete their profile completely at any time, but unused credits cannot be refunded in this case.


Persons who have reached the age of majority can view advertisements and other site content even without registration (visitor). Visitors become users when they register on the website. This is free, just enter your nickname, e-mail address and verify its validity in the sent e-mail.

There are three ways the User can contact advertisers:

If the advertiser has provided his phone number, the user can contact the advertiser directly by phone.

Through the email form directly to the email address of the advertiser

The banner/link directs the user to a web page with direct contact information.

As a registered member you have the following benefits:

  • Save your favorite advertisers.

  • Save your favorite agencies.

  • Purchase credits that can be spent to access the premium gallery of advertisers and thus obtain the premium content of the galleries.

The WorldSexyGirls advertising platform helps to initiate communication between the parties but does not participate in it. Email or telephone correspondence takes place directly between the advertiser and the member, to which the service provider has no access. Our advertising platform provides a letter to start correspondence from where the user can send an initial message or email. The Member expressly agrees to the transfer of data from the point of view of data protection - the Advertiser can send a reply in its own mail system or mobile phone.

All users are entitled to contact advertisers at their own discretion and risk without seeking the consent, review, or permission of the service provider.

Advertiser / agency / club:

After registration, each advertiser fills out their profile - they insert photos, texts, captions, which we will publish in our WorldSexyGirls directory. Advertisers are responsible for ad content, including text, photos, captions, and all embedded material. Advertisers assume responsibility for the content and copyright they post. We do not post any information for advertisers.

Only independent advertisers, agencies, massage parlors or strip clubs can register as an advertiser on the website. Registration is not possible for other advertising sites with similar activities such as escort guidebooks, porn sites, dating sites or similar sites. If we find profiles and links to such sites, we will delete them without prior notice.

All advertisers on this website are over 18 years of age.

Advertisers are prohibited from uploading fake pictures, filling in false information, creating duplicate profiles or uploading the same ones, deleting the entire account and creating a new one in order to achieve TOP positions on the site. When we find such profiles, the entire account will be deleted immediately. We are not responsible for any differences between the image posted and the advertiser's actual appearance. If the account has purchased credits or active "Gold / Silver" status or any form of advertising, the amount will not be refunded and there will be no claim for refund/compensation.

Advertisers are prohibited from uploading any content depicting genitalia. Such posts will be deleted or blurred immediately. Photos with text, logo, phone number or email address will also be deleted.

The advertising agency/club has the option to upload an unlimited number of profiles, they must be unique (so they must not be duplicates). Such profiles will be blocked immediately without refund of credits.

Each submission is manually reviewed before being published online. In the event that we detect any discrepancy in the advertiser's age, we may request identity and age verification. We reserve the right to refuse publication or delete without notice if a post does not conform to business practices.

By providing their personal data, advertisers consent to data processing, which means that they choose to share their said data. We do not do any profiling on the website, apart from the data protection information we do not use the data for any other purposes, we would like to alert advertisers to the fact that other people can abuse their data, so they must be careful when sharing data and providing information.

Takedown Policy - If you believe that a profile uses fake photos, advertising is fraudulent, content infringes copyright, etc., please send this information to our email: info@worldsexygirls.com. We review every report.

Verified advertiser:

Our WorldSexyGirls signpost verifies profiles. After successful verification, these profiles have the status VERIFIED. Every advertiser who advertises on our website has the option of "verification" in their account.

Users can provide a verification picture to prove that the profile is real. Photo verification requirements are listed in each user account. The verification photo is for internal use only and will never be published. For untrusted agencies/clubs, we require at least 5 profiles to be verified for account activation.

False information, photos showing a person other than the advertiser will be considered a serious breach of contract. These profiles will be deleted immediately, and the fee paid by these advertisers for the advertising period will not be refunded!

User Content:

The User Content Rules and Regulations are considered to apply to any content uploaded by registered users (including text, images, photos, videos and other content) that you submit to our site. You warrant and represent that Your Content will comply with these Terms of Use. Advertisers take responsibility for the information they post. The publication of false and offensive information results in the immediate termination of the deletion of the profile.

Photographs and content are uploaded to the website by registered advertisers; therefore, the advertisers are responsible for their authenticity and copyright.

Your Content must not be illegal, violate the legal rights of any third party, and must not be capable of giving rise to legal proceedings, whether against you, us or a third party (in each case under any applicable law).

We reserve the right to edit or remove any material submitted to our website or stored on our servers or hosted or published on our website.

You grant us a worldwide, irrevocable, non-exclusive, royalty-free license to use, reproduce, adapt, publish, translate and distribute your content in any existing or future media. You also grant us the right to sublicense those rights and the right to bring an action for infringement of those rights.

The operator of this website is not responsible for the quality of the premium gallery content uploaded by individual advertisers. If the advertiser deletes his/her profile before the deadline by which the gallery is paid, the already paid credits will not be automatically refunded.

Free advertising:

Registration for all advertisers is free, you only pay for advertising TOP profiles or links and banner sections. For basic advertiser registration, only an email address and password are required, which they must then confirm in an email to verify authenticity. He then fills out the profile with his data and photos. This is how you can advertise for free.

To insert a link after registration and approval, we require placing a banner or text link on your home page in a visible place. The backlink must be one of the selected!!! www.wordlsexygirls.com/banners and must have the "do follow'' attribute. If you remove a banner placed in this way, we reserve the right to disable your account until we can fix it. We use a banner detection system to check compliance with these terms.

Paid advertising:

Users can purchase banner and TOP ads for marketing purposes. Their price depends on the type of product, the selected country, the time of advertising and the type of banner. You can find more information about payment options on the advertisement page. Activation of the ad after payment takes a maximum of 48 hours.

As external links are not controlled and we do not own the linked sites, we strongly recommend that you carefully read the terms and data protection information on third-party sites.

Advertising credits can be purchased in a registered profile.

The advertiser selects the amount of credit, the system requests additional registration data for the purchase, then requests confirmation. After confirmation, you will be redirected to the website of our online payment partner and pay through the regular banking system with a bank card or transfer money with a simple bank transfer.

Amounts and number of credits obtained for them: (payments are one-time, we do not use rebill)

  • €20 = 100 credits

  • €50 = 250 credits

  • €90 = 500 credits

  • €140 = 750 credits

  • €170 = 1,000 credits

  • €320 = 2,000 credits

Amounts for banner parts are available on request at our email: info@worldsexygirls.com

Banners are placed in individual sections; detailed description is on the page!! LINK!!! By clicking on them, ordinary users can go to a third page, which is usually the advertiser's private page. The banner can also be linked to the advertiser's profile. The banner must be made by the advertiser, the Service Provider is only responsible for securing internet space. After loading, the Banner is accepted, it rotates similarly to the TOP, that is, its (randomized) position changes randomly.

An advertiser can have TOP and Banner advertising at the same time.


By making a card payment or requesting an electronic communication, you agree to these terms.

To make any transaction, you must follow the order process set out on our site. Each step allows you to review and correct any errors before sending the transaction. It is your responsibility to check that you have used the ordering process correctly.

The price of transaction fees is set on the website on the day of the order. You will be asked to pay by submitting your credit or debit card details with your order. Prices and charges include VAT at the rate applicable at the time of order and applicable country.

By entering your card information:

  • You represent that you are the authorized user of the card and that the related information (name of account holder, account number, billing address, etc.) is correct.

  • You authorize www.worldsexygirls.com to charge the amount you request to your card.

  • All fees must be paid through the integrated payment gateway or by bank transfer.

Our preferred currency is Euros. If you do not receive the subscription fees in euros, the transfer will be made by the XXXX provider. We are not responsible for any exchange rates or fees.

All are fully responsible for compliance with applicable local laws and regulations in relation to any payments, including the payment and reporting of all applicable income taxes. For the avoidance of doubt, WorldSexyGirls is not responsible for Providers' tax payments or any other financial obligations and cannot provide Providers with any advice in this regard.

Payment Confirmation: By clicking "Submit" you agree to receive a one-time confirmation of this payment electronically to the email address you have provided to us.

Refund Policy:

Within 48 hours of purchase, users are eligible to claim the money back guarantee on new orders if they have not contacted any of the users. The money back guarantee is only valid if you provide us with a valid reason why the purchase was fraudulent or unauthorized or for any other reason, we deem appropriate. The repayment guarantee does not apply to recurring payments that have already been made. For this case, please contact us by email info@worldsexygirls.com.

The registration is not contractually bound, and the registered person can deactivate and reactivate it at any time in his/her profile. They can also delete their profile completely at any time, but unused credits cannot be refunded in this case.

Prohibited use:

Means in any way that causes or may cause damage to our site, interferes with the use of other users, interferes with the accessibility of the website in any way that is harmful, illegal, unlawful, offensive, harassing, threatening or otherwise inappropriate or in violation of any applicable by law, regulation, government regulation.

Introduce viruses, Trojan horses, worms, logic bombs or other material that is harmful or technologically harmful.

Making, transmitting, or storing electronic copies of copyrighted content without the permission of the owner. You may not use our website to transmit or send unsolicited commercial communications.


The Website Operators do not control, monitor, verify, investigate, or verify any content, communications or statements of any third-party sites, so we strongly encourage you to read the terms and privacy policies of any third-party site. that you will visit. We are not responsible for the content, communications or statements posted by users or advertisers of the Website.


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Phone number: +420778598404

Company: LED lights consulting s.r.o., C 59388 registered at the Municipal Court in Prague, registered in the Czech Republic.

Applicable law: These conditions are governed by and interpreted in accordance with the legal system of the Czech Republic.

Online payment provider:

To be completed according  in cooperation with the payment gateway provider.


We may terminate your access to the Website and its content at any time without notice in case of violation of the terms without compensation for the purchased marketing space or remaining credits. Members are also entitled to terminate their registration at any time.

*These conditions take effect on 1.11.2023.