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How registration works on World Sexy Girls:

  1. How World Sexy Girls registration works.

  2. Create your World Sexy Girls account!

  3. Registering on our site is free.

  4. Signing up is easy and only takes a few minutes!

  5. Once you have registered, a confirmation email will be sent to the email address you have provided.

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Please place our banner in a visible position on your homepage. We will not approve your ads without a backlink!

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How does TOP work on World Sexy Girls?

  1. A free registered account is required.

  2. Get it properly filled out and approved.

  3. Then you have the option to buy credits.

  4. You choose the type of TOP you want (profile, agency, link...)

  5. You simply activate the chosen TOP in your profile.

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Escort profile GOLD TOP (100 credits):

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TOP Agency Profile (40 credits):

  • It gives you an advantage in the AGENCIES category in TOP positions!

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  • TOP once and you will be favoured in several sections!

Links Banner TOP (40 credits):

  • Preferred position against links for FREE!

  • You must meet the following requirements:

  • Banner size: 468x60

  • Banner format: JPEG/PNG/GIF

Earn credits through the PREMIUM Gallery:

  • You must have a registered and verified profile (or profiles in the case of an agency) to upload a Premium Gallery!

  • Then you can upload unique photos to the Premium Gallery (the minimum is 20)!

  • Earn credits for those unique photos!

  • These credits can be used by us to TOP or buy BANNERS to take advantage of free discounted positions for your needs!

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  • For further information and pricing please contact

  • Banners can only be displayed in the desired size and in JPEG/PNG/GIF format.

Right and left side banners:

Displayed on all pages and sub pages of the World Sexy Girls website.

Banners with the highest possible traffic and client contribution.

  • Small banner 200x100

  • Medium banner 200x200

  • Large banner 200x333

Home page banners:

Placed on the home page at the top of the page.

Banner with the highest traffic.

  • Banner size 320x60

Country specific banners Girls:

Displayed in the selected country and all its cities.

High traffic banners targeted to your location.

  • Banner size 320x60


  • Czech Republic

  • Czech Republic / Prague

  • Czech Republic / Brno

  • Czech Republic / Ostrava

  • Czech Republic / Pilsen

Homepage banner for escort agencies:

The banner is displayed whenever you view the list of agencies.

They are the same for all categories (URL) Agencies / Country / City.

  • Banner size 320x60

Homepage banner for boys/trans:

The banner will be displayed whenever you browse the list of boys/trans.

They are the same for all categories (URL) boys/trans / State / City.

  • Banner size 320x60

Referring URL:

Are text links placed on most pages, at the top of the site.