General questions

Why should I create a user account?

With a user account you can:

  • Get access to premium galleries.

  • Save your favorite profiles

  • Save your favorite agencies

  • Receive all news in the form of a newsletter

Creating a user account is free. Just click here!

How can I contact a girl or an agency (advertiser)?

In each advertiser profile you will find the option to contact:

  • By phone contact (after clicking on the button, a phone number will be shown to you - possibly Viber, WhatApp).

  • Click on Contact and a contact form will open, which will be sent directly to the advertiser by email.

Do you arrange meetings and do I pay anything for it?

We do not mediate meetings between the client and the advertiser or escort agency. We are only an erotic signpost (a place to display advertisements). Any communication is directly between the member and the advertiser, we disclaim any responsibility for mutual agreements. We do not arrange appointments and therefore do not charge any fees.

Who can present themselves on our website?

The advertising space is intended only for advertisers such as: independent individuals (women, men, trans), agency or club providing escort, erotic or massage services.

Why is my state/city not showing up?

This is because we do not have any active advertisers in that location.


How do I know that this is a fraudulent profile?

We have a lot of control mechanisms to detect fraudulent profiles, however sometimes it is very difficult to detect them. For this reason, we can recommend prioritizing communication with verified users, where the chance of a fraudulent profile is minimal.

We generally recommend never sending money in advance! It is always a risk and no one is able to guarantee you the contracted services. There are a lot of fraudsters and the best way to avoid this is to arrange payment in person on the spot.

I can't log in, how do I change my password?

When logging in, you have the option to change your password here, you need to have access to the email address that was part of your registered profile.

How to register and is it free?

To register, just click here

Here, choose a category, whether you are an agency or an individual, fill in the information required for registration, and the profile management will guide you through entering the necessary information. It is not possible to duplicate 1 same profile multiple times! Once you have entered all the data, request confirmation of registration - which will take place within 24 hours at most.

If you want to insert your URL link on this website, it is necessary to insert our banner in a visible position on the home page of your website.

Registration is free on this directory. If you want to achieve better visibility, you can activate premium membership at any time and use the benefits of GOLD and SILVER membership...

Who can advertise on this site?

Advertisers offering escort or erotic services as individuals (women, men, trans), agencies or clubs are allowed to open an account here.

Other advertisers such as porn sites, live cams, dating sites, erotic guidebooks can use paid banner positions.

What are the membership types and what are they for?

  • Gold - placement on HP, priority in the highest positions

  • Silver - placement above advertisers for free

  • NEW – improves placement for 30 days after registration

  • Verified - increases your position on the website and you also have a better chance of being chosen by the client compared to another profile that is not verified.

  • Premium/VIP galleries – increases placement + a verified profile is required

  • Unverified - an advertiser who has not been verified

  • Older – lowers position, older than 9 months without any reaction (login to account, update...)

How does the premium gallery work?

Once you have uploaded your profile content, we offer the option to upload premium client content to the premium gallery. The condition is to upload go gallery unique content that is not freely available on the Internet. You can upload photos with an erotic theme, from your privacy... the more the merrier and the better the chance of attracting clients!

The premium gallery is charged to clients for access for 30 days and a commission is sent to you from this transaction, which you can use further for premium advertising on our website.

If you want to use the premium gallery functions, it is necessary to have a verified profile.

How to make the best possible profile?

The better you fill out your profile, the better results you will get from it. Clients also don't have to make unnecessary inquiries and contact you directly with a date for arranging an appointment.

We recommend filling in:

  • Upload more than the minimum number of 3 photos in good quality

  • Write a brief description about yourself in your bio

  • Fill in all the services you offer correctly

  • Fill in the prices

  • Check that you have a correct phone number

  • Verify your profile - improves placement

  • Upload a premium gallery - improves your ranking and earns you credits that you can use to TOP your profile

We do NOT recommend:

  • Do not provide any fictitious data or photos - your profile will be deactivated

  • Use ALL CAPS - it looks cheap

  • Uploading hardcore photos

  • Using fictitious names like (call me hot girl, sex69 etc.) use your normal or stage name like (Jane, Tina, Elisabeth…)

How are profiles sorted?

The sorting of profiles on the site has the following priority:

  • GOLD new / verified / premium galleries

  • GOLD profile

  • GOLD unverified

  • SILVER new /verified / premium galleries

  • SILVER profile

  • SILVER unverified

  • VERIFIED new / premium galleries

  • VERIFIED profile



Adding a link to your website in your profile or agency

If you want to display a URL link to your website next to your profile, it is necessary to place our banner in a visible position on the homepage of your website. If you have a problem with this, please contact our support.

A list of our banners can be found here: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

How can I buy a banner on your website?

If you are interested in purchasing a banner on our signpost, please contact us at: info@worldsexygirls.com

The banner can be purchased for a minimum of 30 days or longer. We offer the option of payment by card or bank transfer.

How can I buy credits?

Credits can be purchased after logging into your profile in the Dashboard section, where you will find complete information and a payment gateway.

Paying with a payment card via the payment gateway is the easiest option and credits will be added to you immediately.

We also offer the option of bank transfer, but here the payment method takes longer (on average 2-5 working days).

What to do if a payment is declined?

First, please find out the reason why the payment was declined. You can find this information in your account in the history tab, also check your email. If the problem persists, contact our help desk (info@worldsexygirls.com) and please attach all the information you have available.

Sometimes it also helps to try a different internet browser.

How can clients contact me?

In your profile, you fill in the options to contact you:

  • By phone contact at the phone number you provide in your profile.

  • Clicking on Contact will open a form that will send a message directly to your registered email address.

Do you arrange meetings with the client?

No, we do not mediate, we are not an escort agency.

We are an erotic signpost offering advertising space for agencies or individuals. Any communication is directly between the member and the advertiser, we disclaim any responsibility for mutual agreements.

I am traveling to another city, how do I set up a city tour?

If you are traveling to another city for a shorter period of time (days or weeks), this is an ideal option to let clients know about this information.

In the administration of your profile, you simply enter the state, city and length of stay. During this set period, your profile will be displayed in the given area, as soon as the set period expires or you deactivate the city tour, your profile will be displayed again in the original location that you have listed in your profile.

Untrusted profile / agency

In the event that an individual or agency does not have its own website or we receive a notification of a fraudulent account, we ask for profile verification each time, in the case of an agency of several profiles.

What does the label "Verified / Unverified profile" mean?

Verified profile – this status is given to the advertiser who sends a verified photo in his administration according to our instructions and we have the opportunity to verify the authenticity of his profile. We recommend that you prefer this type of profile when choosing.

! Please note that World sexy girls does not provide any guarantee or warranty that the profile in the photos in the ad or banner will be the same person with whom you arrange a meeting. We are just an advertising space that we try our best to defend against all types of scammers!

Unverified profile - means that the advertiser has not verified himself in our system and we cannot guarantee the authenticity of his advertisement. It can be a genuine profile as well as a scammer

What does the label "New / Older" profile mean?

New – means that the profile was added no older than 30 days.

Older – is a profile older than 9 months in which no activity has taken place such as (login, photo editing, ..) There is a high probability that the information is no longer up to date.

What does the description "Gold / Silver on the profile" mean?

The advertiser uses one of the types of paid membership for better placement of his profile.

What does the label "Premium Galleries on the profile" mean?

To be able to showcase the Premium Gallery, the advertiser must have a verified profile - so you can always be sure that they are a verified user.

Advertisers share photos here that are not normally available (real life, more exposed...).

What does the description "Outcall / Incall / City tour" mean?

Outcall - It is possible to arrange a meeting place with the advertiser according to your request - at your apartment or hotel room. The advertiser will come to you.

Incall - It is possible to visit the advertiser in his place - apartment, hotel room. You go to the advertiser.

City tour - an advertiser who is not normally available in this city is visiting for a specified period of time and can be met. Most often as Incall at the hotel.

What does the caption "Independent / agency / Porn star" mean?

Independent – means that the advertiser works independently and is not part of any agency. You contact the advertiser directly.

Agency – Is a professional agency, mediating the services of its profiles.

Porn star – This category includes actors and actresses who film or have filmed in the porn industry or have experience in the field of erotic clips.